The Pledge of Allegiance

In terms of your discussion board responses, please think of these assignments as short essays. Content, analysis, and reflection are an integral part of this assignment. Correct English grammar and sentence syntax will also be considered. Try to implement a research narrative more so than a personal journal entry. Learning and implementing APA protocols, listing works cited, and including in-text citations is highly suggested to be successful in this assignment. Try to be as thorough and descriptive as possible with relevant terms, concepts, and theories with the included artifacts.

The Pledge of Allegiance is a political staple in this country. Seeing someone stand with their hand over their heart can ignite many emotions in those passing by. Some religions, such as Jehovah Witnesses, do not stand for the pledge and then there are others that choose to not stand for their own political reasons. Former NFL star, Colin Kapernick, ignited a firestorm when he began kneeling at football games. It has been over a year, Kap is still not playing in the NFL, but the story has not ended. Children and adults alike have been exercising their right to Free Speech by not standing for the flag, but there are many in power that are against that freedom. Read the story here: and answer the following questions.

1.Texas AG Paxton defends the Texas law requiring students to stand for the Pledge, however, every public school has an opt-out exemption that parents can sign as it relates to the Pledge. Do you think it’s the State’s right to tell students how to act if their parents are supportive of their child’s personal decision? Why or why not?

  1. The student in the article was verbally reprimanded and kicked out of school. Do you think the punishment fit the cause? Why or why not?
  2. According to Texas law, students must stand for the Pledge, but they cannot have prayer in school. What are your thoughts on that rule? Do you think prayer in school is a bad thing? Explain.
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