This assignment will stimulate critical thinking by allowing students to see 4 sides of a leadership/management controversy. Each student will choose 2 contingency theories  and write at least 800 words about each contingency theory providing these 4 viewpoints on the theory  (1) The purpose of the theory  (Point). (2) The opposite viewpoint of the theory.(CounterPoint), (3) The biblical viewpoint of the theory, then adding the most effective strategy to accomplish the purpose of the theory from the Bible (Biblical ViewPoint). (4) Finally, provide new thoughts related to this topic with biblical integration (New Insights). This paper must include at least 10 references in addition to the Bible, with many supporting in-text citations. Do not use the textbook as a reference or citation, In-text citations are required to support your points, statements, issues, arguments, concerns, and opinions. Do not mention or discuss any of the following theories:  Relational leadership, Shared leadership, Autocratic leadership, Servant leadership. All citations and references sources should follow APA guidelines.


Write a paper in at least 1600 words in which you:


Title each of the 2 contingency theory pages with the name of the contingency leadership theory.  After the title, write at least 800 words with the following component subject headings:


  1. Point (140 words)
  2. Counterpoint (140 words)
  3. Biblical Viewpoint (260 words)
  4. New Insight (260 words)


In writing this 1600 word paper you will discuss the 4 components in these ways:


  1. POINT: Summarize the leadership or management theory, concentrating on what it is intended to accomplish when applied to organizations, especially in terms of how the theory will make the organization more effective in reaching its goals.  Ficticious example: The Dark Theory of Leadership. Point statement—The dark theory of leadership posits that the fastest, most effective and most efficient method to lead is by fear (ciation). The purpose of this theory is to motivate people to accomplish the goals of organization quickly, efficiently and effectively (citation). Studies have shown that the dark theory works because fear is a powerful motivator (citation). People will dramatically improve when they are threatened either directly or indirectly with loss of life, security, status, or employment (citation). Examples of leaders who are well known for leading by fear in industry, politics, and other areas are…….(citations).


  1. COUNTERPOINT: Summarize the leadership or management theory that is the opposite point of view of the theory presented as Point. If there is no existing opposite theory, then present the most closely exisiting concept that is opposite or in strong contrast to your Point theory. Ficticious example: The Dark Theory of Leadership, Counterpoint statement—The dark theory with its fear based motivation gets quick results that are efficient in being cost effective and effective in attaining goals but such results are temporary, not enduring (citations). Eventtually fear proves to be inefficient, ineffective and destructive (citations) to achieving organizational goals. It is not sustainable (citation). In contrast, the Light Theory accomplishes for the long term, what the dark theory only accomplishes in the short term (citation). The Light Theory is……(citation).


  1. BIBLICAL VIEWPOINT   Determine the biblical viewpoint on the leadership or management theory that you presented in Point. Be sure to include what the Bible says about the long-term effects of applying your Point theory.  Biblical Viewpoint statement—“According to the Bible, the dark theory is……………(Bible citation).”—Dark Theory is a ficticious example.


  1. NEW INSIGHT Using biblical integration, present your evaluation of the Point theory based on your synthesis of information from your Point/Counterpoint research and Biblical Viewpoint research.  Present your insights on the best way to most effectively accomplish the goal and functions of your point theory. For example: The goal of the dark theory is to get quick, effective and efficient results. To achieve this goal, the dark theory states that people need to be motivated, and that the best way to motivate people to get quick, effective and efficient results is fear. So the dark theory functions by fear. What are your ideas based on the Bible to get quick, effective and efficient results? This is an example, not the assignment topic or the assignment question.  Present applications of your new leadership insight, with biblical integration.


Paper Format and Other Requirements: Materials submitted to fulfill requirements in one course may not be submitted in another course. Concerns about the propriety of obtaining outside assistance and acknowledging sources should be addressed to the instructor of the course before the work commences and as necessary as the work proceeds.

  • The cover page needs to include this statement: By submittinig this assignment, I attest this submission represents my own work, and not that of another student, scholar, or internet source. I understand I am responsible for knowing and correctly utilizing referencing and bibliographical guidelines.
  • The required cover page abstract and the reference pages are not included in the required assignment page length/word count, but are required as part of your paper.
  • The APA required introduction, conclusion sections and subject headings are expected.
  • The introduction and conclusion sections should not be longer than ½ page each unless the paper is at least 3000 words long not including cover page, abstract page, table pf contents page and reference page.
  • Sources of information from Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedia are not accepatable.
  • Citations should accompany each written assignment thesis statement, paragraph topic sentences, and  supporting statements of fact and opinion.
  • Paragraph lengths: Each paragraph should have a topic sentence unless it continues from or provides support to the prior paragraph. A paragraph is defined in this course as being at least 4 sentences in length.
  • Similarity scores must not exceed 20%.
  • Avoid clichés, slang, jargon, exagerrations, abbreviations, figurative language, and language that is too informal and too subjective.
  • Biblical based topical analysis and biblical integration needs to be specific to the subject with a depth that is greater than a general Christian worldview.




Consult the accompanying rubric for how your instructor will grade this assignment. Also, any form of plagiarism, including cutting and pasting, will result in zero points for the entire assignment. All quoted materials must be properly cited in current APA format.


Submit the Research Paper to the appropriately labeled SafeAssign link first to review your percentage of originality. Then submit the Research Paper to the appropriate link for grading by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2.


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