state of Texas

All core curriculum courses in the state of Texas must meet a set of general education guidelines.  Throughout the course you will engage in activities meant to test your ability to communicate and think critically.  In addition to these skills, there is another skill that is of great importance but often overlooked:  personal responsibility.

Perhaps the most important factor in passing any college course is personal responsibility.  This includes actions like showing up for class on time or logging in to your online class each day, buying the necessary books and materials for class, participating in collaborative work,  maintaining communication with instructors and submitting work on time.

The online environment poses some special challenges in the area of personal responsibility.  Because we do not meet on campus regularly, it becomes even more critical that you remain connected and engaged.

For this assignment, I want you to reflect on the challenges of online coursework and explain how you will be responsible for meeting those challenges.  Use some of the following questions to help you formulate a 300 word response.  (note: you do not have to answer each question individually.  Rather, I want you to think broadly about the how you will meet the challenges that this course might pose.)

  • What are some of the possible pitfalls of an online course? How can you make sure that you do not fall victim to them?
  • Do you struggle with procrastination?   If so,  how do you plan to adjust your approach so that you are successful in the course?
  • How are your time management skills?  Can you look at a due date calendar and plan ahead so that you do not get behind?
  • If some of your writing skills are weak, how do you plan to strengthen them?
  • What will you do if you find that you are falling behind?
  • Do you currently have a sustainable balance between family, school and work life?  If not, how will you adapt?

Submit your reflection by clicking the assignment link and attaching a document.  Your response should be in essay format with mulitple paragraphs.