research project

research project

Research Project Topic Selection

During this course, you will be required to complete a final project. The instructions for this final project is below.

Students will complete a 2,000 to 2,500-word research-based paper in current APA format that focuses on the integration of faith and current practices of coaching. The essay must include a title page and at least 5 peer-reviewed journal articles in addition to the course textbook and the Bible. The essay must provide at least one example of a coaching scenario where the coach successfully navigated a leader through his or her specific leadership challenge and at least 1 example of a coach who did not successfully navigate a leader through a different leadership challenge.

For this part of the project, students will be required to complete a 100-word overview of what their project will be about. (Please submit this overview via MS Word.) Some coaching options/challenges are noted below. However, students will be allowed to bring (or create) their own scenarios or work experience for this project. Here are some options/examples to choose from:

  • Your client is a veteran lawyer (who leads her own law practice) with twenty years of experience and is considering a career change. The legal profession is not appealing to her anymore.
  • Your client is a small business owner who works in the design industry and has a small team of employees.  He has indicated that he struggles with time management and setting priorities. He also suffers from a lack of strategy or business planning.  He considers himself financially successful but does not think he is effective in running his business, and thinks that he could be delivering much better results if he had more time.
  • Your client is an executive within a multinational manufacturing company who is looking to develop his leadership skills in order to be able to move up in the organization and be a serious contender for a competitive C-Suite opportunity that was coming within the year.
  • Your client is the leader who is having difficulty managing the high volume of priority items. These items include prioritization-related intensive work pressure, performance efficiency, and productivity.
  • Your client is a V.P. that sees the need to develop coaching skills in an effort to help the organization move toward a transformational coaching culture. The client envisions an organizational coaching culture that would ultimately lead to a value-focused and high-performance organization.
  • Your client is an ambitious regional manager who desires to move his region forward. He feels that he has a lot of great ideas, but is having trouble getting the ear of his two subordinate managers who have 10 employees each. He is perceived as a “loose cannon” due to his enthusiasm and desire to push forward new ideas in an organization that is conservative and bureaucratic by nature.