PS 350 Final Essay

PS 350 Final Essay

You are to write an essay of minimum five (5) and no more than six (6) double-spaced typed pages answering one of the following two prompts. Type in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins and double-spacing. You may only cite texts and films from the course, therefore do not include a works-cited page. Cite your sources using in-text parenthetical citations with author’s last name, text title, and page number after a quote or paraphrase for texts (Locke, Second Treatise, 75) or for films (The Hunger Games). Indent and single-space any direct quotations beyond three full lines. See rubric below for grading expectations.

No outside resources needed!!! Only use source from this website!!!!
Use source from Unit 1 to Until 5. Can use as many source as you want, no limits on source use, but only come from this website, no outside resources needed.

Writing instruction:
1. Many of the authors we read this term develop fairly complex visions of what an ideal political system should look like. However, the systems these authors develop are frequently at-odds with one another, and are animated by different premises and goals.

In this essay, take a position on the following question: Which author from our readings, in your view, produces the best and most just political system?

In your answer, you must address the works of at least two authors from our readings, and you must use evidence from at least two films to support your argument.



Scholars endlessly debate over the nature of the connection between film and politics. Many argue that film can shape the political positions and beliefs of individuals, while others claim that films merely reflect the dominant ideologies of a particular era; still others insist on a more complex, reciprocal relationship between film and politics.

In this essay, answer the following question: What, in your view, is the real relationship between film and politics? In other words, how does one affect, shape, or impact the other?

In your answer you must use evidence from chapter one of “Projecting Politics” as well as readings from at least two authors and from at least two films to support your argument.

you can either write from scratch or revise
revision request

RR requirements:

Only the films and readings provided by the C should be used in the essay – no outside sources. Proper thesis should also be formulated. The file with sources is attached.