Organizational audit assignment

Organizational audit assignment

The Organizational Audit assignment will help you learn to analyze organizations. This type of audit is regularly used by communications experts to understand the landscape around an organization and know how to address issues they may have.

Read the detailed description in the attached document to understand the process of completing an organizational audit.

Deliverable:  Completed worksheet.


Much of your future success in communications will depend upon your ability to analyze situations and issues important to your organization. This project does just that. You will complete an exercise that agencies regularly do when working with clients—the organizational audit. By analyzing the key details regarding how an organization works, is viewed by the public, and what is happening in the world around them, agencies can better communicate with the organization itself. Essentially, this is the background research that a good agency will do for a client (and will get paid good money for it too).


Procedures: Select a public corporation or political official to analyze—any organization that offers stock or is in the public eye. Use basic research to gauge the media environment of the company. You will examine the corporate history, industry trends and issues, strategies for various key publics and suggest future plans. Please use this document to complete the audit. Be sure to include your name.


Strategies Questions

  1. Determine the key messages of your client. If possible, find the tagline, mission, vision, values and brand promise of the organization. Provide direct quotes and links. (4 pts)
  2. Search online for current news coverage for the company you have selected. Describe the coverage. What are the media talking about? Is it positive or negative? Provide me at least 3 links and a 1-2 paragraph summary.
  3. In which social media forums/websites does your client participate? Name them & provide links.
  4. Search social media mentions for your client (I recommend Describe the conversations that are taking place online. What is the sentiment ratio? Are they positive negative or neutral? What are the keywords being used? Who is the main opinion leader?
  5. How is your organization involved in community relations activities (i.e. giving back to the community)? Are there any articles about what they are doing? Are the community relations efforts featured on their website? Provide me at least 1-3 links and a 1-2 paragraph summary.
  6. Review your organization’s annual report and/or financial news coverage. Is there one available to the public? What does your organization communicate about their earnings? Is it positive or negative? How much did they earn/lose? Provide me at least 1-3 links and a 1-2 paragraph summary.
  7. Search for your organization’s name and “lobbying” or “government relations.” How does your organization participate in the political process and/or what issues to the advocate? What topics matter to them? Provide me at least 1-3 links and a 1-2 paragraph summary.
  8. Search your company’s online newsroom for news releases. Describe the type of news coverage they are seeking. Provide me at least 1-3 links and a 1-2 paragraph summary.
  9. Search for your company’s name and “advertising.” What mediums are they advertising in (print, broadcast, outdoor, etc.)? What do their ads look like/communicate? Provide me at 1-3+ links (or images) and a 1-2 paragraph summary.


Analysis Questions

  1. Based on your initial research, what are the key messages being communicated by your client? Why do you think they have this strategy? Give me 1-2 paragraphs describing your thoughts.
  2. What kind of tone does the company have? On the left, you should see a column in blue with a corresponding row to the right. Highlight (or make bold) the word in the row that best fits with the word in the blue column.


Volume Whispered Soft Spoken Conversational Loud Deafening
Energy Aloof Relaxed Switched-On Effervescent Manic
Sociability 1-on-1 Inclusive Industry & Colleagues Community Universal
Attitude Risk-averse Conventional Politely Opinionated Provocative Polarizing
Intelligence Colloquial Average Smart & Knowledgable Intelligent Brilliant
Emotion Rational Cool & Collected Approachable Feeling Passionate
Focus Self (Our/My) Intrinsic (Us/I) Cooperative (Us/I/We/You) Collaborative (We) Others (You)


  1. What is their personality? Give me 5-6 adjectives to describe the company if they were a person.
  2. Based on text, lecture and notes, what would you suggest the company do in their future PR efforts? Give me 2-3 paragraphs describing your thoughts.
  3. Why do you think understanding the how the media frames an organization is important?
  4. You have collected enough information to complete a SWOT analysis. Based on this information, what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats does this organization have?