management accountants

management accountants

Assignment Description
Emsley (2005) suggests that management accountants have been criticised for their inability to innovate. The author reports that researchers have also examined the changing roles of management accountants.

Journal article reference –

Emsley, D. (2005). Restructuring the management accounting function: A note on the effect of role involvement on innovativeness. Management Accounting Research, 16 (2), 157-177, Retrieved from

Author details: David Emsley, Discipline of Accounting and Business Law, School of Business, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia

The research journal paper is available on the eReserve of the UNE library.

Assignment Task

Describe the important elements discussed by Emsley (2005) in the Introduction section of his article. (4 marks)
Explain the three main parts for Theory development that the author has adopted (section 3: page 160). (4 marks)
Do you believe the Method (section 4: page 164) adopted by the author is adequate/not adequate for his research. What improvements you believe can be made. (6 marks)
What are the limitations of his research and future research needs to address that the author has discussed. (6 marks)
Your discussion needs to be synthesized within the theoretical developments outlined in the journal paper (Emsely 2005).

Read important notes before starting the assignment

This assignment can be done individually or in a group (no more than 3 students in a group). If doing in a group, choose your members carefully, as difficulties may be ahead, when members do not contribute equally. A good way is to share the task(s) equally and keep a log of work ownership of tasks as to what each member has done and submit with the assignment as an appendix. A group will have one submission of the assignment clearly mentioning the group members names on the first page of the assignment.
Do not copy text straight from the journal paper. An acceptable approach is to examine the paper and explain your understanding in your words. Use of references and other resources are encouraged.
Students when reading the article should derive a logical understanding that can then be demonstrated in writing the answers. Such ideas need to be clearly emphasised. The writing style need to be at an academic level.
Your report is to be professionally written and delivered. Discussions of new ideas and suggestions are encouraged at the same time need to be illustrated with theory and practice. The strength of your ideas/arguments needs to demonstrate that you have been able to explore issues that are relevant to the problems facing the current research.
All materials used need to be cited in APA style referencing ( Internet resources such as websites from where the materials have been sourced needs to be clearly cited with the authors name, date retrieved, and website address.
The assignment should be submitted through the assignment submission facility in Moodle.Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted as submissions and no marks will be assigned.
Extensions of time for submission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Short term illnesses or work commitments will not be regarded as grounds for an extension. Late submissions will be penalised up to 10% of marks otherwise awarded for every day (or part day) past the designated submission date.

Make sure the fonts size is 12 and Times New Roman and Line spacing is 1.5 lines. Not following this instruction will lead to minus three marks (-3).
References such as the Authors name should be used in the body of text in the assignment (no numbers indicating references). Not following this instruction will lead to minus five marks (-5).