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Apps to use to answer the following-1. SnapLogic 2.Connect Salesforce 3. Jitterbit 4.Fliptop 5. C9 6. Webspere cast iron data loader<br /> Explain how each of the apps selected could help identify or address the following: <br /> <br /> Trends and Issues<br /> <br /> Market Demands<br /> <br /> Competitive Advantages<br /> <br /> Potential Constraints or Concerns<br /> <br /> Customer Lifetime Value<br /> <br /> Answer the following questions:<br /> How is the definition of “Information Governance” that Logan (2010) gives different from other definitions you may find either in the textbook or through other sources (Please be sure to cite your sources using APA format properly)?<br /> <br /> How do Information Governance strategies impact accountability and compliance? Give specific examples.<br /> <br /> Would you agree with Logan (2010) in her analysis of who owns data, systems, processes, and information? Why or why not?<br /> <br /> How would you incorporate Information Governance topics into your IT Information Management action plan?

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