Family Nurse Practitioner

The “Pulse” Check. Where are you in your journey and how are you doing?
DQ2 of Week 5 is an opportunity for you to self-assess and reflect on your journey. You can write about it or you can share a created video (you-tube) expressing your navigation through the Role course. Model from the scripts in this week, but be specific to your experience.
Evaluate how you have achieved course competencies and your plans to develop further in these areas. The course competencies for this course are as follows:
Explore the historical evolution of the advance practice nurse.
Differentiate the roles and scope of practice for nurses working in advanced clinical, education, administration, informatics, research, and health policy arenas.
Analyze attributes of the practice arena such as access and availability, degree of consumer choice, competition, and financing that impact advanced practice nurses and their ability to effectively collaborate with other health professionals.
Integrate evidence from research and theory into discussions of practice competencies, health promotion and disease prevention strategies, quality improvement, and safety standards.
Identify collaborative, organizational, communication, and leadership skills in working with other professionals in healthcare facilities and/or academic institutions.
Synthesize knowledge from values theory, ethics, and legal/regulatory statutes in the development of a personal philosophy for a career as an advanced practice nurse.

Please reply to Megan

Megan wrote:

Coming into this course, I was unsure of what to expect. Truthfully, I’m not quite sure I knew anything about the history of the nurse practitioner role or of advanced practice roles other than the FNP & the CRNA. This class has given me a base to build upon, in my opinion. It’s given me a wider understanding about APRN’s roles in our society and how each individual advanced nursing role plays a huge part in healthcare advancement.
I believe I’ve achieved the course competencies for this class because I’ve learned quite a bit in regards to the different roles of an APRN, the practice arena’s in which they work at and their individual scopes of practices. We’ve looked in depth on how nurse practitioners have to work cohesively with other members of a healthcare team to provide health promotion, disease prevention and safe, quality care. According to Hamric, Hanson & Tracy (2014), “Despite the resistance to NPs in nursing, physicians increasingly accepted NPs in individual health care practices. Working together in local practices, NPs and MDs established collegial relationships, negotiating with each other to construct work boundaries and reach agreement about their collaborative practice” (p.18).
Most importantly, this class has given me the ability to really focus on what my goals are as an Advanced Practice Family Nurse Practitioner. I have been able to think about my individual philosophy and what I want to stand for within my career going forward. As stated before in this weeks discussion, it is my intent to always practice within my scope but to always be the biggest advocate for my patients. It’s also extremely important to me that I am always providing the most up to date evidence based practice. During this course I’ve most certainly been able to synthesize the knowledge from values theory, ethics and legal/regulatory statues in order to come up with my own individual philosophy as a an NP.
Going forward, building upon this class and developing my knowledge base as a Family Nurse Practitioner is my greatest goals. Although comfort level is going to come with time an experience, I want to be able to graduate with my APRN degree and know that I’m going to be making a positive impact on my patients lives, being confident that I can do so safely and proficiently!

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