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Document (access control.docx) need to be rewrite according to the research proposal( Research proposal.docx) in the attachment.

Areas needed to update in Research proposal:

Document should be unique, APA formatted, 14 pages, Please include all sections of a research paper as shown below:

1. 1a) Title (must be concise and meaningful)

2. 1) Abstract (summary of major elements)

3. 2) Introduction (description of context and rationale for the study)

4. 3) Materials used in the study

5. 4) Methodology (experimental procedure, techniques employed to produce empirical data (evidence) e.g. quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods

6. 5) Results (summary of findings)

7. 6) Discussion (interpretation of the investigation)

8. 7) Summary (of findings)

9. 8) Acknowledgement

10. 9) References

In addition you spell your hypothesis clearly.

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